On 16-17 November 2012 was held in Bari, in the Department of Classical and Christians Studies, the 4th National Congress of numismatics, organized by the Numismatic Apulian Circle, section of the Society of National History for Puglia.

The themes of the conference were, in the first part, the coinage of Taranto and Eraclea: were presented and discussed the latest data on the coins of gold, silver and bronze of Tarentum and their spread in Italy and beyond. The complex bronze coinage of Eraclea finished the day. The second part of the conference dealt with the Ostrogoths and Lombards coinage in Italy.

The historical, weighting and iconographic aspects were illustrated and discussed and presented several variations unreleased and new types coin.

Dove e quando

Dal: 16 November 2012
Al: 17 November 2012
Presso: Dip. Classical Studies and Christians
Località: Bari



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