The new young

"A man is old only when regrets, within him, exceed the dreams. " The words of Albert Einstein enclose the meaning of the Fourth Congress of Oncology Geriatric Salento, entitled: "The new young in cancer and hematological tumors", held on 3-4 May 2013 at the Officine Cantelmo in Lecce.

The goal was to address the issues that affect the elderly suffering from cancer and hematological diseases, taking into account the peculiarities of the patient over seventy today, with the lengthening of life, may still be an active player in family life social, but at the same time can be fragile and present critical in the care and management of the disease.

Dove e quando

Dal: 03 May 2013
Al: 04 May 2013
Presso: Officine Cantelmo
Località: Lecce

The new young


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